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APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN! Spread the word and join us today!

special thanks to ohfantine for this wonderful graphic.

Live theatre. A gorgeous thing, isn’t it? Musicals and plays, from all over the world. A dream of a few hours, or one of a life. There’s a lot of things to love about theatre. Wonderful scores, amazing actors, feelings, or simply forgetting the world we live in for a little. And a theatre fan, there’s a lot one can do. Collect cast recordings or bootlegs to discover productions from the other side of the world, collect memorabilia, discuss it, discuss acting choices, dream of one day being on stage, and, of course, watch shows sometimes. And it’s great truly, as, after all, this gives a thing in common to people everywhere on this planet.

But, hey, what’s that network? Oh, just a little thing to unite theatre fans everywhere. For those who adore seeing a musical (or a play, after all, both are nice), whether it’s in the West End, in Germany, on Broadway, in Japan or Hungary. Just a few theatre scenes at the top of my head. A network to unite people, find a little group of people with that one thing in common with you, who are always willing to discover new stage works. In a few bullet points…

This network is for you if:

  • You like theatre (Duh!), no matter what your favorite scene is, or what your native language is.
  • You’re willing to discover new shows, with the help of the people you’ll meet in there.
  • Want to make friends, and follow some rad theatre blogs.

Oh, sounds just like me! And how do I get in?

  • You’ll have to follow the network blog, where further news will be posted, as well as my blog, and promise you’ll follow some of the other blogs in there. 
  • Be willing to use the tumblr tagging system to tag triggers, or things the others might not want to see.
  • Reblog this post!
  • And fill in this little survey. Because I’m quite curious.

Cool, done, and then what?

  • Then, we’ll start picking people for the network! Sounds fun right? That will start on the fifth of August, or if the post reaches 100 reblogs before that (which probably won’t happen)
  • You’ll be notified through ask, and on the theatrenetwork blog about being accepted. 
  • Once accepted, you’ll join the theatrenetwork sideblog, as well as a ‘secret one’, where you’ll be able to talk to other members
  • Again, once accepted, we’ll ask you to have a link to the network on your blog.
  • Oh, and to track the tag ‘theatrenet’, where you’ll be allowed to post about theatre, plays, musicals, and to post gifsets, graphics and fanfics related to that. 
  • And then, we’ll start setting up little things, whether for the whole group (bootleg/movie musical watching, group critique of cast recordings for example) or help you set up smaller things to exchange with specific members of the group (for example, let’s say we have two POTO fans, one in Hamburg, one in London? How about you two trade programmes from the productions around your place?)
  • Then, again, it’ll only be a beginning! We can find hundreds of things to do, once we all got to know each other and that network is set up!

So, here you go friends, this is why you should apply today to this darling INTERNATIONAL THEATRE NETWORK. - Lottie


Sarah Chagal - Tanz Der Vampire

favorite characters of theatre - dedicated to sarahchagal (who else?)


Phantom is lucky it’s such a popular show through word of mouth because their pr is dependent on bad photoshop and Sierra Boggess staying pretty

  • Me:  *realizes that I have a metric fuckton of stuff to do*
  • Me:  *proceeds to stress out and panic and ends up accomplishing nothing*


Before I am
your daughter,
your betrothed,
your fantasy,
your savior,
your living bride,
I am my own person
and I will not set fire to myself
to keep you warm

(text adapted by FdelOpera from the original poem)

Christine simply took off her mask and said: ‘It is a tragedy, Raoul!”

He now saw her face and could not suppress a cry of surprise and shock. Gone as her fresh, glowing complexion. No longer a reflection of her tranquil disposition and untroubled conscience, her face - so charming and gentle in former days - was deadly pale. How anguished she looked now! Her features were cruelly furrowed by sorrow and her beautiful, limpid eyes - Little Lotte’s eyes - had become wells of deep, dark, unfathomable mystery and were bordered with terribly doleful shadows.


rómeó és júlia — vár reánk a mindenség

ítélet napig s tovább,
véghetetlen időkig még,
őrzi titkunk fent az ég,
vár reánk a mindenség.


Phoebe flower-princess-of-my-heart D’Ysquith
who couldn’t love her heaven knows 


Phoebe flower-princess-of-my-heart D’Ysquith

who couldn’t love her heaven knows 


Um… Erik?

Give em the ol (ope)razzle dazzle


Um… Erik?

Give em the ol (ope)razzle dazzle